Welcome to The Block Oven, a family-owned business with a rich history in the food industry spanning over 20 years. Our fast-casual restaurant concept is dedicated to serving 100% homemade, fresh, and health-focused cuisine in a warm and contemporary setting.


Inspired by the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean and our family’s treasured recipes, passed down through generations, we’re committed to sharing high-quality, flavorful food with our community. As you step into The Block Oven, you’ll be greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly baked pita and manaeesh flat bread, expertly crafted in our wood-burning oven.


Our menu draws inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon, with fresh ingredients guiding our daily specials. We take pride in preparing everything from scratch on-site, ensuring the freshest ingredients and an unparalleled dining experience. Watch as our pita bread is carefully crafted and baked to perfection in our traditional Lebanese wood-burning oven.


At The Block Oven, we’re passionate about sharing our love for food and hospitality with you. Join us for a truly delicious and memorable experience!”

Fresh ingredient

Fresh from Farm, Perfect nutritious, No chemicals

Safety Check

Increased Food Safety, Sanitary Precautions and Social Distancing Guidelines.

Farm Fresh Meat

No MSG. We only use project-verified, non-GMO oils


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